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New Ready Made Wig Collection

"Instant Glam: Ready-to-Ship Wigs"

Discover our stunning collection of Instant Glam wigs, designed for the modern, stylish woman who desires luxury and convenience. Our ready-to-ship wigs offer:
  • ⚡️Immediate availability: In-stock and ready to be shipped
  • 🌟Quality: Expertly crafted with high-quality materials
  • 💁‍♀️Variety: Multiple styles and colors to choose from
  • 💖Convenience: No waiting for custom orders
  • 📦Fast Shipping: Delivered via UPS Ground or Next Day Shipping
Ideal for:
  • Busy women who need a fabulous new look ASAP
  • First-time wig wearers wanting to try a luxury wig experience
  • Ladies seeking a convenient and stylish solution for special events or everyday wear
Please note:
  • 🔒All sales are final, so be sure to know your measurements before purchasing
  • 📸Read the description and view all pictures of each unit before ordering
  • 🛍️Don't forget to purchase your wig grips for a secure and comfortable fit
Units are shipped on the next business day, with local pickups available. Experience the glamour and ease of Instant Glam wigs and elevate your style today!
Thank you for choosing Simply A Lady for your luxury wig needs.

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