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Custom Wigs

🌟 Welcome to the Exquisite World of Custom Wigs at Simply A Lady! 🌟

Dear Valued Customer,

Before you embark on your journey to unparalleled hair perfection, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our guidelines. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and these steps ensure that your Custom Wig experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

ORDER PROCESS: After placing your order, anticipate a Custom Wig order form tailored for you. This form will be sent via email and requires your signature to process your order. This is your canvas to specify personal measurements, styling preferences, baby hair desires, parting choices, and more. Elevate your vision by emailing an "inspiration hair photo" to

🎨 STYLING OPTIONS: Our Basic styling includes the natural state of hair, bone straight, and loose curls. For an upgraded experience, indulge in options like crimping and wand curls (additional fees apply). Let your hair express your unique style!

PROCESSING TIME: Currently, our processing time for Custom Wigs is a swift 15-21 business days (limited time offer). Please note, no rush orders are accepted. Weekends and holidays are not included in the processing time, which initiates upon receipt of your measurements and payment.

🎨 COLOR VARIATIONS: While we strive for color resemblance, lighting, filtering, and hair integrity influence variations. Each bundle is unique, and though we cannot guarantee exact strand and color replication, trust that we employ the same technique and products showcased in the pictures. For those particular about color, please entrust your chosen stylist to perfect the coloring.

💇‍♀️ BOBS AND BEYOND: Our bobs are cut using mannequin heads as a guide. Keep in mind that lengths may appear different based on individual head, face, and neck structures.

Thank you for choosing Simply A Lady – where every strand tells a story of beauty and individuality. Your journey to personalized hair perfection begins now!

xoxo, Simply A Lady Virgin Hair Team ✨

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